lunes, 21 de septiembre de 2015

Nueva web de Wormholedeath

Comunicado del Label manager y A&R:
"Since the beginning of this fantastic experince called Wormholedeath, we had the feeling that things were going to be incredibly fruitful , but honestly we never expected such a growth during 7 years of hard work. If you are reading this statement it means that you are intertested in knowing what is coming next.
Restyling our website was not only a “visual need”, as we have given space to our international divisions: Wormholedeath Japan and Wormholedeath Nordic, film production, digital platform and Opera core on top of the usual sections plenty of new contents. So first of all, please, visit our new website and share it on your social pages. We would like to thank Riccardo and Web Is Now, our artists, our trusted and reliable partners plus everyone that helped and supported us during these tough years. You are all part of this and music is doing the rest. Welcome to and enjoy."

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